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A Revolution in Profiles - Co. Offaly

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Index of those profiled

George Adam 1894-1922. Great War Veteran, RIC Constable.

Patrick Adams 1881-1939. Politician.

George Adamson 1897-1922. Great War Veteran, IRA Leader, National Army Officer.

Phillip Ahern. 1862-1918. RIC Sergeant.

Thomas Allen 1892-1919. British Army Sergeant.

Andrew Harvey Armstrong 1866-1922. British Army Officer.

Sean Barry 1897-1931. IRA Officer, National Army Officer.

Alan Bell 1858-1919. Magistrate, retired RIC Officer, Intelligence Advisor, Financial Investigator

John Bergin 1889-1922. IRA Officer

Harry Biggs 1897/ 1899-1920. Great War Veteran, RIC Constable.

Sean Blaney 1898-1922. IRA volunteer. National Army Solider.

Patrick Boland 1890-1962. IRA Police Officer, County Councilor Neutral IRA Association Official.

Joseph Boyle 1889-1944. Teacher, IRA Officer.

Peter/Peader Bracken 1887-1961. Easter Week participant.

Caitlin Brugha/Kathleen Kingston 1874-1951. Sinn Féin TD, Republican Activist.

Eamon Bulfin 1892-1968. Easter Week participant. 

Frank/Francis Bulfin 1874-1954.  Sinn Féin and Pro- Treaty TD.

Emily Weddall-Burke 1867-1952. Irish Irelander, Cumann na mBan Activist.

James Burke 1892-1920. RIC Constable.

Fr. Thomas Hilary Burbage 1879-1966. Republican Priest.

Thomas Francis Burke/ Bourke 1898-1955. IRA Officer.

James Carroll 1879-1938. Easter Week participant.

Alice Cashel 1878-1898. Cumann na mBan Officer, Republican Activist and Justice.

Charles/Charlie Chidley 1903-1975. British Solider, Anti Treaty IRA man.

Cherio/Count Louis William Warren Hammon of Normandy. 1866-1936. Occultist, Entrepreneur.

Christopher/ Christy/ Chris Clarke. 1891-1923. RIC Segreant.

Joseph Connolly 1896-1979. IRA leader, National Army Officer.

Michael Cordial 1898-1972. IRA leader, National Army Officer, Hurler.

John Cooke 1863-1916. Ex-Serviceman,Civilian.

James Corrigan 1891-1918. Irish-Irelander, Republican Activist, GAA player and official.

Felix Cronin 1890-1961. IRA leader, National Army Officer, Hurler, Golfing Official.

Henry Cronin 1873-1920. RIC Sergeant.

Matthew Cullen 1901-1922. IRA Volunteer, National Army Officer.

Thomas Cunningham1871/1876-1921. Ex-Serviceman

David Daly 1895-1970. IRA Officer.

Dr Patrick Gabriel/ Paddy Daly 1898-1983. Republican Gunrunner.

Liam/ William jr/ Willie Dignam 1898-1921. IRA Officer.

William Dolan 1896-1918. Civilian.

John Francis Doody 1899-1963. IRA Volunteer, National Army Solider, Anti Treaty IRA Man.

Edward/Eddie Donoghue/O’Donoghue 1910-1922. 12 year old Civilian.

John Joseph/ JJ Donnelly B. 1897. US Army Veteran, National Army Officer. Garda.

Joseph Doolan 1883-1974. Easter Week participant.

Edward Doran 1897-1921. RIC Constable.

Frank/Francis Dolan 1896-1922. IRA Volunteer.

Dr. Patrick Joseph/P.J. Doyle 1892-1964. Easter Week participant.

John/Jack Drumm 1900- 1990. IRA Volunteer, National Army Officer.

James Duffy 1896-1922. Great War Veteran, National Army Solider.

John Dunne 1899-1921. RIC Constable.

Peter Fahey 1893-1916. Civilian

Thomas Feery 1860-1920. Civilian.

Jack/Sean/John Finlay 1897-1923. IRA Volunteer, Gaelic Footballer, Drayman.

Denis Fitzgerald 1895-1961. IRA Officer.

Michael Patrick Foley 1893-1960. Easter Week participant.

George Frend 1850-1921. Land Agent, Farmer, Magistrate Unionist

William Frith 1878-1916. Dublin Metropolitan Police officer.

Patrick Geraghty 1890-1923. IRA Officer.

John Greene/ Green 1870-1921. RIC Sergeant, Republican intelligence source.

Thomas Gibson 1897-1923. Great War Veteran, National Army Solider, Anti Treaty IRA man.

Patrick Gilligan 1882-1916. Instructor Irish Volunteers, British Solider.

John Gunning 1891-1923. Great War Veteran, National Army Solider.

John Hannon. D 1920. Retired RIC policeman reengaged as a Special Constable

Daniel/ Dan Hoey 1888-1919. Detective, G Division, Dublin Metropolitan Police.

Alfred/ James Albert/ John Alfred Hayes 1902-22. Great War Veteran, National Army Solider.

James Hayes 1888-1974. IRA Officer.

Rev. Francis Ryan Hitchcock 1867-1951. Church of Ireland minister, Unionist.

John Joly 1857-1933. Polymath, Inventor, Academic, Unionist.

Matthew Kane 1881-1921. IRA Volunteer.

Colum/Columb/Columba Kelly 1901-23. 

James/ Jimmy/ Seamus Kelly 1895-1986. Easter Week participant

Michael Kennedy 1902-1920. IRA Volunteer.

Kieran Kenny 1887-1922.Easter Week participant

Seamus/James Kenny 1884-1953. Easter Week participant.

Sylvester Rait Kerr 1849-1922. Agriculturist.

Joseph Lawlor 1895-1922. Great War Veteran, National Army Solider.

Gabriel/Gabe Lee 1904 -1937. National Army Solider

Patrick Joseph Lopeman 1893-1971. Great War Veteran, Connaught Ranger Mutineer.

Denis Patrick Maguire/ McGuire 1875-1920. RIC Sergeant.

Catherine Mahon 1869-1948. Teacher, Trade Unionist, Cumann na mBan leader.

Patrick McDonald/ McDonnell 1895-1921. RIC Constable.

Patrick McDonnell 1894-1949. Easter Week participant

Annie McGrath- Fleming 1897-1972. Cumann na mBan Officer.

Mary Anne Meleady-Treacy 1892-1978. Cumann na mBan Officer.

James Moran 1889-1987. All Ireland Football medalist, IRA leader.

Edward George Morley 1899-1920. Great War Veteran.

Aine ni Rian 1887-1955. Easter Week participant, Cumann na mBan leader.

Patrick Reardon/ Riordan 1892-1976. IRA Officer.

Seamus O’Brennan/ James Michael O’Brennan 1886-1968. Easter Week participant.

Thomas/Tomas/Tommy O’Connell 1900-1924. IRA Officer.

George Charles Payne 1903-1921. British Solider.

Richard (Dick) Pearson 1897-1921 & Abraham (Abe) Pearson 1902-1921. Farmers Sons.

Mike/ Michael Reilly D.1921. Ex-Serviceman.

Patrick O’Reilly 1892-1920. RIC Constable.

Sean/ John/ Johnny Robbins 1892-1960. IRA Officer, County GAA player and official.

Patrick/Paddy Seery 1889-1920. IRA Officer.

Eric Steadman D 1921. Great War Veteran.

Patrick/Paddy Tiquin/Tyquin 1896-1922. Great War Veteran, National Army Solider.

Constance/Connie Tynan 1901-1922. Civilian.

Leo White B 1887. Great War Veteran.

Patrick Columba/ P.C./Patsy White 1898-1923. IRA Volunteer, National Army Solider.

William Harding Wilson 1864-1920. RIC District Inspector.

Sir Robert Henry Woods 1865-1938. Surgeon, Independent Unionist MP.


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