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A Revolution in Profiles

This site is dedicated to the historians of Offaly, without whom it would not have been possible.

A Revolution in Profiles is a free online dictionary of biography focusing on Offaly.

The project was conceived as part of the Decade of Centenaries programme and is brought to you with the assistance of a bursary from the Royal Irish Academy. The website is modelled on the RIA’s dictionary of biography, which profiles nearly 11,000 individuals.

A Revolution in Profiles is somewhat less ambitious but does include the biographies of over 100 people involved in Offaly’s revolutionary decade.

An attempt has been made to provide the reader with a cross section of stories from the period.

Biographies vary in length from between 300 and 700 words. They include public figures and some whose story is less well known. Those profiled include republican activists, British soldiers, civilians, policemen, politicians.  

The site attempts to create a better understanding of Offaly’s role during that period of Irish history by examining the lives of those who lived through it.

Message from the author.

Firstly, I am indebted to the historians and local history groups whose extensive research has added so much to this site and I wish to dedicate the site in their honour. 

 This site is not a definitive history of Offaly in the revolutionary period. That will come later, written by others more qualified to do so.

The site is a reference tool designed to educate on and simulate interest in Offaly’s revolutionary story. In time perhaps it may provide other researchers with a foundation from which a deeper understanding of the time might be developed.

I wish to thank Brendan Flanagan Optimum Internet Solutions, Stephen Callaghan and Ciaran Reilly.

I am eternally grateful for Michael, Noel, Declan, Kevin, Carmel and Claire with their help in weeding out most errors.   

Finally, I want to sincerely thank the Royal Irish Academy for enabling this project to happen. It is extremely gratifying as an Independent Researcher to receive the backing a prestigious body and I hope I have justified their belief, generosity, and patience.

Aidan Doyle

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